Robert 'Butch' G. Loeb, MD

Director, Patient Simulator Laboratory

Associate Professor, Anesthesiology


(520) 626-1077

After an internship in family medicine, Dr. Loeb completed his residency in anesthesiology at the University of Virginia. In 1986 he began a research fellowship in Dr. Dwayne Westenskow's bioengineering laboratory at the University of Utah. During his fellowship he collaborated in the development of the Utah Anesthesia Workstation, a prototype anesthesia system with integrated smart alarms, feedback control, and a graphical user interface. Working his way west, Dr. Loeb joined the University of California, Davis as an Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology in 1987. In 1991, he became the Director of Ambulatory Surgery and in 1994 was promoted to Associate Professor. Dr. Loeb's research has focussed on anesthesia instrumentation, specifically on the user interface. He has adapted classical human factors methodology to study operating room ergonomics. To date, his most notable contribution has been a series of studies of anesthesia vigilance during real surgical cases. Dr. Loeb has been funded twice by the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation. He is currently working on an auditory display of physiologic data. Using this display, clinicians can continuously monitor their patient's vital signs without having to look at a monitor screen. In September of 1996, Dr. Loeb joined the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Arizona. He was attracted by the thriving residency program and the opportunities for collaborative research.

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