Wallace M. Nogami, MD

Associate Professor, Anesthesiology
Associate Professor, Clinical Pediatrics

(520) 626-6295

Dr. Nogami was born and grew up in Lanai City, Hawaii. After graduating from Indiana University, he attended medical school at the University of Hawaii. He completed a surgery residency (1986) and a neonatology fellowship (1989) at Indiana University Medical Center, and anesthesiology residency (1992) at the University of Arizona. Dr. Nogami's career began in 1992 at the University of Arizona where he is currently an Associate Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology and Director of Pediatric Anesthesia in the Department of Anesthesiology and Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics in the Department of Pediatrics (Section of Neonatology).

Research Interests: 
  1. Vital signs and blood gas changes with changing concentration of Desflurane and Seroflurane on ovine fetuses.
  2. Comparison of efficacy of epidural vs. PCA in children with scoliosis.
  3. Analysis of Pulse Oximetry efficacy on the neonate.
  4. Efficacy and safety of continuous spinal local anesthetic with parturient.

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Frink EJ Jr, Nogami WM, Morgan SE, Salmon RC. High carboxyhemoglobin concentrations occur in swine during desflurane anesthesia in the presence of partially dried CO2 absorbents. Anesthesiology 87:308-316, 1997.